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The World Unity Football Alliance (WUFA) is delighted to announce Kashmir
Football Association as a new member of the alliance. WUFA is governed by a
series of fundamental values and principles, which matches Kashmir Football
Association’s. In that sense, we firmly believe that their addition to WUFA will bring
substantial benefits to all involved.

Kashmir Football Association is an association based in Bradford, United Kingdom,
which is a northern city with a significant population of people with Kashmiri
heritage. Kashmir is a disputed territory that straddles India, Pakistan and China.
As stated in a letter of intent, Kashmir Football Association seeks to expand
awareness and promote education of the history and modern-day realities of
Kashmir, and its diaspora in the UK.

They also provide football sessions for males and females, and have recently
established a senior women’s team. Kashmir Football Association has shown
intent on taking an active role in organizing and hosting matches and tournaments
as part of the WUFA World Series, in regard to both male and female competitions.

We are delighted to welcome Kashmir Football Association to WUFA and excited
about our future together.