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The World Unity Football Alliance (WUFA) would like to announce that its members voted last month to appoint Danny Clarke, current President of International Surrey Football, as the organization’s first General Secretary on an interim term of up to six months, ending in August 2022.

The appointment, the first since the organization’s founding, will see Danny serve as the organization’s point of contact for current and potential members. The World Unity Football Alliance is committed to building opportunities for its members to play regular and competitive fixtures, which allows their respective associations to continue to develop as well as represent their communities and members. Danny Clarke’s appointment to this position will help prepare WUFA for the next stage in its growth as the organization works to emerge from the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The General Secretary role will see Danny Clarke expand on the progress already made by the fledgling football federation for representative football associations. Within his new role, Clarke intends to increase and improve communication within the organization, building and formalizing the route for new potential members with more clearly defined boundaries for selection, as well as sharing the wider vision of the organization to expand accessibility to the sport enjoyed by people globally with a message of global cooperation.

Clarke will use the role to initiate building the groundwork for a permanent appointment (to be made later this year) for an enthusiastic and determined individual to work alongside WUFA’s existing and future membership. His appointment is intended to be served on an interim basis, with hopes that a permanent appointment may be made within the next six months and applicants for the permanent position are invited to apply during this period.

“I would like to thank WUFA’s membership for putting faith in me, while I may be the first to take this role officially, albeit, on an interim basis, I will be building on the groundwork already laid out by Gabriel Stauring, who led the establishment of WUFA, and helped provide Surrey with its first opportunity to contribute more proactively in supporting representative football as a co-founder of the organisation. He led WUFA in its early growth and I hope to build upon that work.”

-Danny Clarke, regarding his appointment to serve as WUFA’s Interim General Secretary